Reaching 12 is a story of emotional triumph and discovery. It is the completion of a young girl’s journey, a successful climb, and a moral victory captured through a musical journey of emotions in thought provoking melodies.

It was August 8th, 2016, when Faith’s mother found the suicide note left on her minivan. It was a heart stopping moment. The type that slows down time and changes all priorities and perspectives. On the front side of the paper it said, “PLEASE READ” in big letters. On the back was the following…

Dear Mom,

I am writing this to inform you about something I didn’t have the strength to tell you in person. I have depression. I know you think that we all go through a stage where we are sad it’s true, but this is not the case. I thought that I just had a sad time too until I realized I had been thinking about killing myself many times. I know that this is hard to hear but I felt it was important to tell you something I had been holding back for 5 years. I hope you can think of me the same after this note, and know that me thinking about killing myself is NOT your fault.



After an immediate trip to the doctor, it was discovered that Faith didn’t have clinical depression but that she suffered from a hormonal imbalance in her body. She had been waking up in the middle of the night over half of her young life and wandering around while the rest of the family slept. With a small prescription, and lots of love, Faith headed off to start middle school and a magical year that would follow.

Shortly after this experience, Faith composed a new song called Finding Hope and finished up on three others she had been working on. Focusing on her dream, new ideas started to flow like the wind. In February, her parents surprised her with a trip to a recording studio to lay down the first four tracks of this album as the dream started to take shape. She immediately set a goal to complete twelve total songs by the end of May so she could put out her first album shortly after her 12th birthday. Reaching 12 is more than just the completion of that goal. It is a reminder to take the risk and trust in the love and support of those around us when we are struggling.

If you ever feel like you can’t go on. Don’t think you are alone. Reach out and you will be amazed at how much love and support you will find.