This is the song that started everything. This first track from my debut album "Reaching 12", was written when I was eight. I touched it up last year and decided it had to be the first song. This song was what helped me to see that my music could be my escape and happy place away from all the stress of growing up.

This is a live video of "Chasing Rainbows" track 9 on my debut album "Reaching 12" This footage was recorded at my debut concert.

Reaching 12 is a story of emotional triumph and discovery. It is the completion of a young girl's journey, a successful climb, and a moral victory captured through a musical journey of emotions in thought provoking melodies. "Written three days before I turned twelve, this song is my victory march, my celebration, and my statement to the world that I am coming.

It was August 8th, 2016, when Faith's mother found the suicide note left on her minivan. It was a heart stopping moment. The type that slows down time and changes all priorities and perspectives. On the front side of the paper it said, "PLEASE READ" in big letters.

Sunday Morning Rain is Track #2 on the 2017 album "Reaching 12"- I love the peaceful sound of the rain on a Sunday morning when I can just think. There is something magical and musical about the rain that seems to always tell a story.

Lost is Track 5 from the 2017 album "Reaching 12"- Before I reached out for help I often found myself lost in my own thoughts unable to let anyone in. I believe that many people wander around through life feeling lost and alone even though they are surround by people on every side.

Sunny Day is track 10 from the 2017 album "Reaching 12"- My mother took my brother and I to a second-hand store, (D.I. here in Utah), and he came home with a little toy guitar. I was messing around with it and came up with this main melody.

This is track 7 from the 2017 album "Reaching 12". I often compare out of control emotions to an intense storm. Sometimes my feelings are chaotic but when I center myself, I can find the calm moments. In this composition, I try to create that feeling and self awareness.