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Notes From Zion

Notes From Zion, is the story of a journey. A journey that started in fear and hopelessness, but is blossoming into an understanding and purpose for life. A journey that has taken a lost twelve year- old girl to the 2017 Zone Music Reporter New Artist of the Year. After discovering her talent for composing inspirational music on the piano, Faith Angelina has been focused on expressing her thanks to God for the life-saving outlet she has been given. Music has become a tool to keep her own life in balance while simultaneously reaching out to her peers around her. She has worked hard to develop her talent and follow up her debut album with something special. She has been blessed with many opportunities to serve both young and old alike as she shares her thoughts and feelings with others through her new creations.

Utah has some of the most beautiful spots on the whole planet. People come from all over the world to visit the national parks and enjoy the outdoor life that is offered. Faith and her family love to take advantage of hiking in the beautiful scenery throughout the state. There is something spiritual about hiking up a mountain and being rewarded by a beautiful vista of God’s creations.

One of the family’s favorite places is Zion’s National Park. Zion was the name of the city of Enoch in the Bible that was taken up into the presence of God. To be Zion is to be pure in heart. To be one with God. It is the perfect name for the national park and to describe the inspirational music that Faith Angelina has composed for this album.

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Recognition for Faith Angelina


Best of State 2018 Youth Solo Instrumentalist

Best of State 2018 Original Composition

2017 Zone Music Reporter New Artist of the Year

Song List

Notes from Zion

by Faith Angelina

Top of the Mountains - Throughout the scriptures, God has spoken to prophets from the top of the mountains. Whenever I look at the majestic mountains around my home, I think about God looking down on me and wonder how I am measuring up.

Notes From Zion – I try to write music that invites the spirit so that it is easy to meditate and escape from my troubles. In this song I hear the inspiration from heaven.

Baby Faith – When I was little, everyone called me Baby Faith. It is kind of how Faith works for everyone. Just like I have been growing and maturing, our Faith grows and matures as well if we work at it.

Kolob Canyon – Kolob Canyon is part of Zion’s National Park and named after where God dwells. Sometimes I long to feel closer to God.

Snow Canyon – Snow Canyon is a beautiful state park in St. George Utah that my family loves to go hiking in. The red rocks are inspirational and memorable. The music almost writes its self.

The Living Planet – Sometimes I just pause and sit in amazement at the beauty of this earth and the variety of life around me.

Ensign Peak - This is a mountain peak overlooking the Salt Lake valley where I live. I love hiking to mountain peaks to get a change of perspective on the world I live in. I believe it is only through constantly looking at life through different lenses and perspectives that we truly grow.

Flowing Waters – There is nothing sweeter than the peaceful feeling that comes from an answer to a prayer. We wait patiently for answers and when they come it is like flowing waters of revelation.

The Narrows – The Narrows is a famous hike in Zion’s national park through slot canyons. The majestic views of the stone walls surrounding you create a mixture of thoughts and emotions.

Finding Your Why – Having a purpose and knowing myself is the key to happiness. Throughout this last year I have found what I believe to be one of my callings in life.

Angels Landing – One of the most famous places in Zion’s is Angels Landing. My dad and brother hiked up there and back while filming. I am afraid of heights and don’t think I can manage this one by myself because of the huge cliff drops. I tried to capture their experience and set music to the video.

This is the Place - There is nothing quite like the feeling of coming home. This is a song about finding a place of peace within and knowing that I am on the right track with my life.

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