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Reaching 12

A beautiful solo piano album that you will want to have in your collection! Listen to the streaming audio, then click the BUY buttons below! You can also read Faith's description of the album and the tracks below!

Radio Interviews


Two of a Kind #46 Faith Angelina
by One World Music Radio


Recognition for Faith Angelina


Best of State 2018 Youth Solo Instrumentalist

Best of State 2018 Original Composition

2017 Zone Music Reporter New Artist of the Year

Song List

Reaching 12

by Faith Angelina

Run with the Wind - When I was being bullied at school, I used to let it get to me. Then I decided to just let it go. I would see myself running in the wind and it would drown out the other voices so I could only hear my own thoughts.

Sunday Morning Rain – I love the peaceful sound of the rain on a Sunday morning when I can just think.

Easter Lilies – Spring is a time of change and a new life. This song symbolizes the many changes I am going through in my own life at twelve.

Finding Hope – This song was a turning point for me as I looked for help from my destructive feelings and found the love and support that was always within my reach.

Lost – Before I reached out for help I often found myself lost in my own thoughts unable to let anyone in.

Seasons – Just as there are seasons in a year, there are seasons in life. I feel like I am entering the second season of my life.

Eye of the Storm - Sometimes my feelings are chaotic but when I center myself, I can find the calm moments.

Abuelita – Last summer my Abuelita came and spent time with our family from Guatemala. She is so sweet and loving. She doesn’t speak English and I don’t speak Spanish, but we communicate in a way through signs, gestures, hugs, and google translate.

Chasing Rainbows – I thought I had all of the songs for this album, but this song came to me very quickly after I wrote twelve. As a result, I bumped the original song for this spot for a future album. We all have dreams. This song is about finding the treasure at the end of our rainbows. My excitement in finishing my album inspired this song and a flood of ideas for the next one.

Sunny Day – My mother took my brother and I to a second-hand store and he came home with a little toy guitar. I was messing around with it and came up with this main melody. It made me think of a little girl skipping on a sunny day.

Saying Goodbye – My big brother Jacob just left to serve a two-year mission for our church. The Sunday before he left, I decided to write him a song expressing my feelings to him. I wrote it that afternoon and played it for him the night before he left. It expresses the mixed bag of feelings I experienced through him leaving.

Twelve – Written three days before I turned twelve, this song is my victory march, my celebration, and my statement to the world that I am coming. Being twelve is right in the middle of being a kid and a teenager. This song expresses my desire to take the next step.

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